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Brady Games

As the videogame strategy-guide market has evolved, so has Brady Games. After 10 years in the business, Brady Games knows what gamers – both casual and hardcore – want and need in a strategy guide. It’s about developing the most comprehensive guides for the games that pose numerous challenges and delivering these in the most effective formats to the target audience.

Each guide – from the collectible Signature Series to the standard video and PC books – features in-depth content, detailed screen captures and quick reference and strategy tips. This, plus unique formats and products, allows us to help gamers to take their games further.

Why buy a guide that’s been developed from a template? Our passion and commitment to gaming means we publish content that is custom-tailored to the look and feel of each game title. Brady can produce customised mini guides, art books and a variety of other print and digital products using our link with other brands within DK and the wider Penguin Group.

Brady Games

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