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Content licensing

Why invest in quality content? Quality content can help customers choose, converting an uncertain prospect into a loyal customer. Content can charm your audiences, building emotional connections with the people that matter. It can be the catalyst for conversations about your brand and turn your website into a hub of information and entertainment.

Quality of content is vital; it is an essential ingredient in the marketing mix. People want clear information; they want to buy from companies they trust.  Buyers are “short on time, yet content hungry… thoughtful, yet pragmatic. Buyers are looking for both visionary thought leadership and realistic solutions” (Julie Schwartz, 2011).

At DK, we’re not just experts in producing high-quality and superb content for print publishing – we also provide a range of cutting-edge digital services and content solutions tailored to your needs. Thinking outside of the book, we can slice and dice and manipulate our award-winning travel and reference content to create a rich user experience and a truly innovative and bespoke digital product for your brand to engage with your target audience.

So what are the benefits of using DK content and services?
High-quality content available almost immediately, saving you time / Benefit from positive brand associations / Reward users and build trust among new audiences / Enhance your brand / Improve your SEO / Drive traffic to your site / Management and curation of digital content can be handled by our experts at DK

Content Licensing

A combination of great authors and expertly researched reference and travel content means we have quality content that we can tailor specifically to your business needs, audience and budget. Whether you’d like to reformat or rebrand an existing DK title or co-produce a product with us from scratch, we have the custom publishing solution to suit your brand’s marketing needs.

Using our existing award-winning content is not only more cost-effective than starting from scratch, it also saves time. Creating a bespoke product not only enables flexibility but also allows a very exact message to be communicated; one that can perfectly match your brand image and beliefs.

If we do not have the content in our catalogue, then we have the expertise to create bespoke content packages to suit your needs, with the added advantage of the branding and association of two much loved publishing brands DK and Rough Guides.

At DK we have the editorial and digital expertise to enhance and optimise your content so that it benefits from greater visibility in search engines. This service can be tailored to an individual project and your business requirements.

Examples of SEO enhanced content we’ve created

DK has a huge library of content and we will have the copy that can add value to your website or digital products, as well as enriching and enhancing the user experience. Ultimately, this will help to transfer interest into sales. Our expert in-house team of online editors, developers and designers are at your disposal to help to ensure the content complements your message to suit your specific requirements, and that it is delivered in the format you want and is ready to use.