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Print solutions

Books and other printed products offer tremendous value for money: they have a high perceived value, a long shelf life, and are a great way to attract new customers and reward customer loyalty.

DK has extensive experience in producing eye-catching promotional material and you can buy into our publishing knowledge and expertise, tapping into the company’s network of experts from publishers and production teams to paper buyers and designers. A combination of great authors and authoritative, expertly researched reference and travel writing means we can offer a range of complete content packages which can be tailored specifically to your audience, budget and other business needs.

If you’d like to use any of our books or digital products exactly as they are but with the addition of your own branding, we are able to redesign front and back covers to meet your needs. This can mean anything from adding a small logo to a complete change in look and feel. This can be a very cost-effective option when looking for a custom publishing solution.

In some instances, it might even be possible to remove our branding from the product, leaving only our exceptional content and your branding.

Use our bestselling reference and travel products to expand your own product lines, create focused promotions or use as corporate gifts. We have sufficient depth and breadth in our range, that you can bulk order for just about any purpose imaginable.

Whether you’d like to reformat or brand an existing DK title or co-produce a printed product with us from scratch, we have the custom publishing solution to suit your brand’s specific marketing needs.

Using our existing award-winning content is not only more cost effective than starting from scratch, it also saves time. Reformatting existing content offers you the flexibility of a promotion tailored to your specifications and branding can be as simple as adding a logo or a bespoke cover, or a more thorough process including the addition of pages and content.

Creating a bespoke printed product allows a very exact message to be communicated; one that can perfectly match your brand image and beliefs. This is a great solution for brands launching a new product or for those who wish to convey a specific brand message to their audience.

We can use an existing book and adjust the specifications to meet your requirements. This can mean shrinking or expanding a book, increasing the thickness, changing paperback to hardback or vice versa, increasing the size of the type or the images, or a huge number of other possible adjustments. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.